О компании «Placid Money»

Placid Money is an ambitious US fintech that changes how Americans use $1T (yes, trillion 😮) of credit card debt 🚀.

We're Affirm for credit cards. Placid turns debt into savings by:

  • refinancing expensive credit card debt
  • building investments from interest and fees

🚴‍♂️ Mission

We are on a mission to make credit cheaper for those who need it most and help people leverage credit to become better off financially.

Our guiding principle is maximum impact, minimum disturbance — giving our customers the easiest way to create savings out of debts without much disruption to their financial lives.

🧗‍♂️ Culture

We're a remote squad. We praise autonomy, self-motivation and self-management. We expect everyone to truly care about what they do, take pride in how they do it and strive for self and team improvement.

We believe we're working on some really cool things that will make a dent for society as a whole and hope everyone who joins will find it fascinating to connect the dots between their work and the impact it has.

If you love technology and helping people - we'd love to talk. And If you like some of the books here basecamp.com/books or the tweet below, we're probably already on the same page culture-wise:

🪜 Interview process

We're honored you’re considering joining us to work on the future of personal finance management 🙌 We expect to move very quickly with the right people!

Intro call ~30 minutes

You'll be invited to a short intro call with one of the founders. We'll cover what you're looking for, what we're building, and highlights from your recent experience.

We will let you know the next steps within one day.

Deep-dive interview ~60 minutes

We will be looking to understand role-specific knowledge as well as your values and skills. We might ask for a code sample from a previous project in advance of this interview. For non-technical interviews, the conversation will revolve around a case study.

We will let you know the next steps within a few days.

Decision and offer

We move fast with conviction and aim to complete the process to offer in 1 week! You can also get a chance to meet someone else from the team or one of our angels/investors!

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