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О компании «Pixel Point»

Meet the Pixel Point creative web agency! Operating at the headquarters in France, for half a decade we’ve been on a mission to help our clients’ companies reveal their full potential by designing and building outstanding world-class marketing websites. Over the years we’ve gained extensive expertise, fine-tuned our work processes, and built the in-house team full of professionals to move the industry forward. We handle what we are experts in, making it possible for you to focus on what matters the most - your product.

Pixel Point is like a satellite for tech companies, that is capable of building a full-fledged marketing website, covering up on product design, and assisting with front-end development. We have a strong technical background working in the Open Source, DevOps, and SaaS fields, which helps us naturally translate the technological complexity of your project into visually appealing and clear graphics. Big-time fans and active participants of the open-source world, we have a weak spot for clients coming from this space. It’s a pleasure to see such a company go mature and we know exactly how to make it happen.

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