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О компании «OWNSTR»

OWNSTR is not just a full service web development agency specializing in Drupal. We're proud to say that we don't do it all — We focus on key services for our clients spread from Washington to Edinburgh.

Currently OWNSTR consists of 21 team members.

Everyone in our team is encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise with each other to create an environment in which we enjoy working together and contribute to building a company we can be proud of.

Having completed over 50 projects for businesses all over the world our vision is to deliver affordable and functional websites that give the competitive advantage through design and functionality

OWNSTR achieves good results even when facing critical situations like late and complex projects and big traffic websites.

Also we are actively developing other PHP technologies such as Magento, Symfony and Laravel.

OWNSTR anticipates trends and masters products so that we can provide the most effective open source solutions.

We focus on key services for our clients:

  • Drupal web development
  • Drupal project development
  • Drupal module development
  • Drupal consulting and management of IT architecture
  • Outstaffing and outsourcing of Drupal developers

OWNSTR fosters a culture of partnership, entrepreneurship, teamwork and integrity, building a global world class information technology and business process service company.

Our vision is to be a global world class information technology and business process services leader helping our clients succeed.


  • Participated in worldwide and local Drupal events like DrupalCons and Drupal Cafés such as: DrupalSib 2015, Drupal Camp Moscow 2011, Drupal Cafes 14+
  • Developed our own modules.

Feel free to reach us through our general contact form on our website, and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs, whether you are currently searching a service provider or are seeking general information.

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