О компании «Ornament.Health»

General description:

  • We are a fast growing IT-product company from Switzerland with Russian/Ukraine development team;
  • Our main goal is to provide the user with the most convenient tool for monitoring their own blood test results;
  • We’ve already developed a fully functional application available in AppStore.

Our office: Our development team is placed in Budva, Montenegro.

    Our stack for Web / Desktop App:

    • React, Redux, RxJs;
    • Electron, StoryBook, REST;
    • Canvas, OpenCV, Material UI;
    • TypeScript.

    Our stack for Mobile App:

    • React Native, Redux;
    • FireBase, REST;
    • TypeScript;
    • Objective C & Swift (iOS app), Java (Android app).

    What we offer:

    • Paid relocation to Budva after the trial period & visa sponsorship;
    • Paying or Reimbursing Employees for Work-Related Education and European IT-conferences attendance;
    • To join a result-oriented excellent team with clear vision of 5 years roadmap;
    • Meaningful “value-for-people” healthcare product;
    • Open company culture, leadership based on competence;
    • Paid medical insurance, corporate yoga;
    • Flexible working hours;
    • Seaview two stairs office with ability to work on the roof under the sun in Budva, Montenegro;
    • Free cookies, fruits, sweets, fresh juices are always available in the office.

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