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Optellum was founded so that every lung cancer patient gets diagnosed and treated in the early stage, and cured. We redefine early interception of lung disease, by enabling every clinician, in every hospital, to manage their patients in an optimal way.  

Our first product is the world's first software for personalized early diagnosis & treatment of lung cancer, based on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning applied to the world’s largest clinical dataset.

We are a team of world-leading medical imaging software, AI, and clinical experts who met at Oxford’s world-renowned computer vision laboratory. Between us, we have track records of bringing innovation to market through over 10 start-up companies, resulting already in 5 trade-sales and one IPO. Learn more at https://www.optellum.com.

We are building up our product development team – join our fight against cancer, working together with former software engineers from top technology companies (Amazon, Facebook, Redhat) and veterans of medical imaging startups.

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