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О компании «Novatum UK»

Is a FinTech platform that unites the most modern and popular in-demand payment services worldwide. We use our own core banking system, called N-System. We are developing new payment methods, technical advancements and financial services. We cooperate with leading European and world financial institutions and banks. Additionally, we are working on our own ideas related to payments of the future by implementing payment innovations in virtual reality. We upgrade and expand known payment methods. We do what others think is impossible. Yes, we are a small company, but we have plenty of big partners. We are able to be friends and make money with the merchants. We are ready to do what it takes. We overcome the template perception of the payment business, so the future becomes a reality here and now.

NOVATUM is a decentralized company managed from the main office located in London. Our developers live and work in different countries of the world. After all, we are not looking for those who are close, but for the best. We can be found at the world's largest FinTech and E-commerce exhibitions. We can be reached by phone-call, by e-mail and meet in different parts of the world. The main objective is your desire to move forward with us. 

NOVATUM have a license authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA") under the number 916677

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