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О компании «NodeArt»

Is your Business ready for Mobile? Trends don't lie:

  • Mobile users have outgrown Desktop audience, and it's just the beginning What do mobile users expect from a website? 
  • Mobile-friendly User Interface (UI) — not dreadful Wordpress page requiring tonns of zooming and scrolling around on iPhone 
  • Blazing fast loading speed and short response time — because mobile users have no time to wait.

Who are we and what do we offer? 

We are NodeArt — a software development consultancy and outsourcing company based in Kiev, Ukraine. We build web and mobile apps with "Mobile first"​ manthra in mind using NodeJS runtime environment.

We solve different tasks for our customers, but some things are consistent across all our projects: UI that is easy to adapt both for mobile and desktop — no need to develop things separately... And yes, our apps are super fast :) 

We offer you a new platform approach for online presence of your business. With our experience of putting NodeJS in service of gambling domain we know how to build things that work fast and help convert massive user traffic into business outcomes. Get a quote! We're open for business. Whether you need an online casino, a gambling portal or something in the web that nobody yet have done.

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