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О компании «Nebenan.de»

We are a founding team of seasoned entrepreneurs from both the for-profit as well as the non-profit sector with a team of 80 employees. Our mission: Building local, social networks for neighbours in Europe.

Closed, secure social networks for neighbours are bound to become the third big category of social networks globally. They enable people to get to know their neighbours and connect, help and share each other in their immediate surroundings.

At Good Hood GmbH, we develop and operate hyperlocal, social neighbourhood networks in Europe. From our Berlin-based office, nebenan.de has grown to become Germany's largest social network for neighbours and mesvoisins.fr is the market leader in France. We are currently internationalizing into other European countries.

We make sure that only people living within the neighbourhood can join the respective digital network for that neighbourhood. This creates the necessary trust to engage with the platform. We create real impact by lowering the hurdle to meet the people living around you. Many conversations lead to transactions between people in the real world.

Help us built the European category leader and join our team!

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