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Naveksoft is a full-stack IT company that develops its own products and capsule software solutions based on hybrid cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, neuroanalytics and new generation service-mesh networks. 

We started as a small group of people motivated to bring innovative ideas to life. Now we have more than 50 talented specialists who develop software of any complexity and of any type (including desktop and server software, cloud services, mobile and web applications), implementing an end-to-end cycle of partnership: from business analysis and interface prototyping to software development, testing, deployment and support. 

Over the past 5 years, we have launched our own products, helping companies transform their business processes, developing solutions that promote growth and increase of the business cost, enlarging the audience from zero to several million. We help to go beyond the usual and we offer to take this step with us.

Please follow Naveksoft to learn more about our capabilities and achievements.

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