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Mubert is a music licensing platform for all types of content creators, such as streamers, filmmakers, and app developers. Mubert's AI-powered generative technology and a vast library of over 1 million professional music samples make it simple to find the music you need.

Mubert users can search through over 100 musical categories and use advanced search tools to locate the ideal song for any project. We are currently licensing 20 million tracks each month through our 10 million monthly subscribers.

Democratization of the Creator Economy

Content makers use our AI-powered platform to create unique royalty-free music. It's entirely up to you whether you want to create a fully customized track for your material or search through our collection of pre-made tracks.

Mubert is creating a next-generation musical landscape with a variety of DMCA-friendly, worldwide licensing options and a creator-centric platform that prioritizes artists and producers.

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