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О компании «Meritservus Group»

MeritServus was officially incorporated as a division of Deloitte in 1988. Subsequent to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commision’s introduction of regulations relating to auditor independence, MeritServus became wholly independent through a management buyout in 2005. Today, it remains a preferred service provider to Deloitte and adheres to the same high quality standards across its service breadth.

We offer a diverse range of services and have experience and a proven track record across a variety of business sectors. In addition to our skills and experience we have a well-established and trusted international network of contacts and advisors. Ultimately, this means we are capable of providing bespoke solutions and facilitating whatever our clients wish to achieve.

Our international and multilingual teams of professionals are committed to delivering the highest quality service and we pride ourselves on continually improving our knowledge and understanding of our clients’ business needs. It is this investment in our clients that sets us aside from our competitors and allows us to adapt and tailor our services to consistently deliver the right business outcomes.

Cyprus has experienced a significant degree of change over the past decade. Our local knowledge and our ability to innovate has allowed us to remain at the forefront of these rapid developments.

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