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О компании «The Mall Cloud Company Inc.»

Our organization was founded in Chicago in 2007. The company’s goal is to increase production capacity, and to make this happen we need new creative, clean and fresh minds. At the moment, we can be proud of a strong and experienced staff from different locations: Chicago, Paris, Kiev and Novosibirsk.

We develop two projects:

  1. KnowledgeGRIDS —a Big Data analytics consultancy that uses advanced analytics, machine learning and cognitive computing to help retailers and consumer brands benefit from real-time personalization and engagement. KnowledgeGRIDS develops advanced marketing programs that leverage these insights. KnowledgeGRIDS uses open source and proprietary technologies to support customers existing data infrastructure, integrating data from online, offline sources and 3rd party sources.
  2. The Mall Cloud Company Inc. — delivers omni-retailer intelligence — at the individual shopper level and makes sense of the vastly divergent and heterogeneous data that exists across retailers. We create new ways for retailers to gain intelligence that enables them to compete — and win — in an increasingly ecommerce-focused retail environment.

Ultimately, we are working to reinvent the mall and re-create the mall experience as instrumental for today’s shopper.

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