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О компании «JoinSoft»

JoinSoft is an outsourcing software development company that helps enterprises and start-ups to build innovative and tailored products and services. Our team of experts constantly expand their knowledge and professional skills to offer our clients feasible and up-to-date solutions.

  1. Custom Software Development. We follow a strict process of software development which includes detailed procedures for requirements collection, incremental app development sprints, version and release testing, quality assurance and post-release software support.
  2. Web Application Development. We make complex software solutions look simple and build custom web applications that make a difference for your business.
  3. Mobile Application Development. We enable your teams and customers to do business on the go by unleashing the power of mobile applications on Android and iOS.
  4. Chatbot Development. Chatbots and virtual assistants are now part of our everyday life and you can use your chatbot across virtually any industry. Industries where chatbots are extremely popular and consumers are already at ease with the use of virtual assistants include:
  5. Application Re-engineering. We improve the performance, agility and scalability of your applications and then enhance their interface and user experience through app re-engineering.
  6. UI & UX Design Services. We create user interfaces that are joy to watch and use and transform them into converting customer journeys.
  7. QA & Software Testing. We provide Quality Assessment and Software Testing services at all stages of your application lifecycle: from requirements testing and bugs discovery to pre-release testing and testing during deployment.
  8. Blockchain Development Services. We help you benefit from distributed ledgers, private blockchains and the use of smart contracts that reshape the way you are doing business.

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