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О компании «JITpay»

About us:

We are a fast-growing and internationally active payment service provider specialising in the logistics industry. Founded in 2016, the JITpay™ Group digitises the billing and payment processes in logistics. We take over the complete service settlement between client and contractor and combine this with a specially developed (transport company) factoring programme, which enables immediate payment of the contractors as well as flexible payment terms for the clients.

We have our own fully digital factoring company and an integrated SaaS transport management system for our customers. We currently employ over 50 people with offices in Berlin and Braunschweig.


The small and medium-sized transport business is at the forefront of all our considerations, our actions and our products.

We support small and medium-sized transport companies not only with a quick payment of their remuneration, but also take care of the entire invoice management including reminders and collection.

But that’s not all: our customers have a whole range of free tools at their disposal to facilitate their own commercial processes: In addition to a fully digital order management system (TMS), products of en-route supply, up to automated invoicing of all transports carried out. Our goal is to support our customers as fully as possible by simplifying and automating the commercial processes involved in order execution.

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