О компании «ITMagic»

ITMagic represents a team of experts with an average of 13+ years of experience in system administration and DevOps services. We help small & medium businesses and startups design, implement, and support robust and scalable cloud infrastructures, sustain any traffic loads, and reduce the likelihood of a system hack to zero.

Our mission is to solve your tech challenges on time and on a budget so that you can keep focusing on growing your business. We believe that the best solution to the problem lies in its prevention, and the idea that our work aims to make life and daily tasks easier for developers.

Each service we deliver is based on these fundamental objectives

  • ✅ Increase in business profitability
  • ✅ Minimization of potential losses
  • ✅ Automation of all repetitive operations

We provide the following services, but are not limited to

  • ▸ IT infrastructure audit and optimization
  • ▸ Migrations from on-premise to the cloud
  • ▸ AWS consulting, configuration, and management
  • ▸ DevOps services
  • ▸ Security infrastructure setup
  • ▸ System monitoring
  • ▸ Assistance in passing PCI DSS audit

Our solutions

  • ✔️ System uptime support > 99.95%
  • ✔️ Bringing system response time to < 0.2 sec
  • ✔️ Low hacking probability of < 0.01% or less
  • ✔️ Handling > 1.5 PB of traffic for a project per month
  • ✔️ TCO reduction up to 40%

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