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Founded in 2007, we have been involved in the full cycle of software development for over 16 years. During that time, we have completed more than 850 projects in various industries for clients in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and other countries. Our commitment to leveraging the modern technology stack and pursuing innovation has led us to our own medical solutions, which have already received international recognition and high awards (the VOKA.IO project, based on the application of MR technology in surgery, won in the Health and Wellbeing category of the World Summit Awards 2019 World Innovation Project Competition).

Interesting projects

Innowise Group employees work on large-scale projects for major international companies and their own innovative products, constantly introducing the latest technologies and cutting-edge solutions. Many projects involve business travel abroad.


We support our employees in developing their skills: we provide regular internal training and mentoring, offer free English language classes, and reimburse the costs of attending professional conferences. At Innowise Group you are free to change your technological direction if you wish.

Internships and mentoring

Through our in-house training and mentoring programme, we grow students and young professionals into real professionals. More experienced employees do code reviews, give feedback and share tips to help you successfully complete your internship and move on to bigger projects.

The team

Our staff appreciates the support of the team, communicating as equals and discussing things openly. This approach allows us to remain a tight-knit team even when the number of employees runs into the thousands.

Values and principles

We love what we do, so we burn with results and work with dedication. We're passionate about each project, as this is an opportunity to bring our best skills to life and create a product we can be proud of. We care about the further development of our specialists and do our best to make sure that our cooperation opens up new perspectives.

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