О компании «InnMind»

InnMind, short for ‘Innovative Mind’, is a community-driven ecosystem for web3 startups and tech entrepreneurs, VC investors and market professionals from around the world.

We believe: it’s unfair that in the 21st century, we still depend so much on geographical and political borders.

I.e. if you’re a startup founder, based in one of the “startup hot spots” in the world, like Silicon Valley, Berlin, Zurich, London, etc., then you have access to knowledge, expertise, and financial backing. But outside those places, you’re cut out from the international network and resources.

In InnMind, we know: future unicorns and breakthrough technologies can be born everywhere!

We’re here to help web3 entrepreneurs to get access to investors, partners, experts, early adopters, and corporate players via our deal-origination online platform, where it doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re based in.

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