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О компании «Inca Digital»

We began our journey in 2009, when Evgeny and Adam met working at INTERPOL. They started a friendship that grew into a mutual passion for disruptive technology.

Inca now boasts a team of some of the best engineers, analysts, and security experts around the world. We are a veteran-owned small business striving to make intelligence accessible.

No corporate madness, no mandatory office hours. Travel the world and work remotely.

We’re constantly on the lookout for great people! Here are just a few of the projects you could be a part of:

  • Collect OSINT by sifting through terabytes of real-time financial, blockchain, and natural language data.
  • Investigate data discrepancies and uncover everything from sophisticated market manipulations to terrorist activity.
  • Contribute to open-source projects that take artificial intelligence and natural language processing to the next level.

Be a part of something big

You'll join a team of computer engineers, security professionals, scientists, mathematicians, and finance experts. Our backgrounds range from desk jobs at top intelligence agencies and central banks to flying in combat zones and advancing neuroscience through brain dissections.

Manage your work-life balance

Flexible work hours and flexible location. We have a clear and open development process on GitLab. You'll see the results of your work with zero red tape slowing things down. Asynchronous nature of GitLab allows us to accommodate any time zone, work schedule, and side gigs of our team members.

Open-minded team

Inca supports people with different views, encourages a healthy company climate, and gives equal opportunities to all people. We don't discriminate based on race, nationality, age, sex, sexual orientation, physical abilities, or political views.

Learn with us

Inca values personal development and our team members are encouraged to share their unique knowledge. Inca can help you broaden your expertise through internal learning programs tailored to you - whether you just graduated from university or just retired from the military. We can also help you get into top universities and will pay for your professional certifications.

Speak up

Inca both encourages initiative and deeply values ​​personal freedom. We believe that the best way to come to a decision is through constructive debates. Stop agreeing with each other and start taking the devil's advocate position to challenge the team's assumptions and common wisdom.

    Who we need

    Proactive self-starters who can work with little oversight. Our projects are highly technical, so we expect you to have a background and relevant experience in data analysis, software development, artificial intelligence, applied linguistics, distributed systems, finance, blockchain, or any other relevant area. We are focusing on open-minded individuals who are willing to spend time learning new tools and can adapt to the remote work environment.

      Whether you fit any of the listed profiles, send us your resume or check out our vacancies.

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