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Every individual online is first and foremost - a personality. Our AI-powered solutions instantly recognize human personality where others see only data. We use AI, machine learning algorithms, and decades of psychological research to bring the magic of face-to-face interactions into the digital world of marketing, HR, and communications.

Our Solution

Accurate psychological profiles of people who matter.

Personality traits drive behavior. Personality and behavior affect the way people communicate. When we know how to communicate with people, we can teach technology to serve them better. Humanteq solutions create complete psychological and behavioral profiles of individuals online using various digital footprints. We focus on real-time accurate predictive analysis of human interactions, relationships, and communication in the digital world. Thus we’re bridging the gap between ”people’s data” and true knowledge about people and their nature. When the digital world learns how to factor in human nature, we all will benefit from meaningful communication online. Our AI-powered algorithms can work with texts, avatars, social media activity insights and patterns, email subscriptions, click-stream and mobile usage data, and more in order to offer actionable insights into individuals’ IQ, cognitive abilities, motivation, communication patterns, values & intents.


Every piece of data that people create online is unique to their personality. HQ offers innovative personality profiling on the basis of ideas from computational social science, machine learning, and the best available psychometric models. Our technology is able to extract volumetric, longitudinal and objective behavioral data and use them to create individual socio-psychological profiles in simple, human language. Our profiling strategies are based on the methods that have proven to work
in both global business and academic research:

  • OCEAN (Big-5) (to describe personality traits)
  • Schwartz theory of basic values (to analyze individuals’ motivation)
  • IQ (Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices) (to analyze IQ score and cognitive abilities of an individual)
  • and many others...

We rely on consistent and stable characteristics of people (in all cultures, and at any time), such as personality traits, cognitive abilities, priorities, values, and intents. We also use dynamic data, such as mobile communication patterns, time spent inside applications, etc, which allows us to predict people’s communication & relationship patterns, their social signatures, as well as evaluate their level of engagement in social media, online applications, and personal interactions online. Hence, we are able to present and understand the full picture - a complete human profile of an individual powered by technology and based on accurate analysis of massive data from multiple, often incoherent sources. HQ uses own datasets to teach AI algorithms, and it also labels open datasets according to its findings. This opens up a new dimension of understanding people & a new depth of predicting human needs by AI. The work we do is the next step toward creating AI socio-emotional intelligence.


We’re proud to have data scientists, psychologists, tech geniuses, sociologists, behavioral scientists, and talented entrepreneurs on board. We merge various disciplines for the sake of innovations that will serve businesses and people worldwide.

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