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Launched in 2017, Hiveon is a leading global one-stop ecosystem for cryptocurrency mining, with 1M active users located worldwide. Hiveon’s product suite includes Hive OS, Hiveon Pool, Hiveon ASIC firmware, Hiveon ASIC hub. The cornerstones of Hiveon’s products are synergy, security, and stability.

We follow a flexible, adaptable, and informal form of organization. Hiveon team includes around 100 people located in 9 countries; we have the freedom to accept architectural solutions, unlimited vacation & sick leave policy, totally flexible working hours, remote-friendly work, etc. We trust and support our team members and follow our values, which include:

  • Openness — we think outside the box.
  • Initiative — we support the new ideas of each team member.
  • Autonomy & responsibility — we are against micromanagement.
  • Speed — we make decisions fast.
  • Flexibility — we are incredibly adaptive to changes.
  • Involvement — we work with those who are passionate about what they do.

What you’ll love about Hiveon 🧡

  • Being a part of the team forming the largest crypto-mining ecosystem in the world
  • A positive team atmosphere & healthy corporate culture all over the company (94% of our team would recommend Hiveon to their friends. 55% of our newcomers joined us through internal referrals in 2021)
  • Remote work / workation in Cyprus (at least by May)
  • Absolutely flexible working hours
  • Unlimited vacations & sick leaves
  • Competitive salary according to your position and timely salary reviews
  • 100% compensation for your development — professional courses, certificates, conferences, etc.
  • Freedom of innovation and creativity
  • Only necessary processes and no bureaucracy
  • We provide you with any resources needed for a high level of performance 🚀

We’re hiring! Join the team forming the largest crypto-mining ecosystem.

🔥Golang Engineer

🔥DevOps Engineer

🔥Flutter Developer

See all jobs: https://hiveon.breezy.hr/

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