О компании «HackIt»

HackIt is an educational startup with distributed and multinational team. Our head office located at Brazil. We just passed MVP point and our app is already being used by real users.

The application has two branches:

  1. Web application
  2. Embedded web application

The two have different path of development. One is forever free and open to the world, another one is B2B oriented white label thing.

The app itself is one monolith Scala app and a bunch of micro services around it. Our frontend is fully decoupled from a backend, all communication is done by REST API. Frontend is Vue.js app.

Moreover, apart from HackIt app we have some other web pages we maintain, develop and support: webinars, books, etc. We have truly great amount of problems to solve! You always can choose what you like more and do it.

We have good degree of freedom, but with freedom responsibility comes. We are looking for strong individual with good set of soft skills.

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