О компании «GORA Group»

The GORA Group is a dynamic, innovative, and successfully developing US-based company specializing in the production and sale of dietary supplements through the popular Amazon platform.

Our group of companies are specializing in the following areas:

  • Launching and scaling brands on Amazon
  • ​In-depth Amazon brand valuation services for VC funds and private investors
  • ​End-to-end fulfillment and product sourcing
  • ​End-to-end Marketing Agency for eCommerce brands

GORA Group has a unique combination of in-depth marketing, financial, and management experts which creates a synergy that allows GORA Group to rapidly scale its business while effectively managing the group of companies. 

Our strategy is to aggressively win the market share through providing premium quality, unique design and implementing creative low-cost/high value-add marketing strategies that make products stand out and go viral. 

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