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О компании «GIC»

GIC is a family-size agency with enough experience, brainpower and desire to transform Client`s business idea into a solid turn-key solution.

Our team can design, document and build IT products, whether it's an MVP for a startup or a digital asset for an existing business. We believe in a custom approach to every project and always try to recommend the best and most cost-effective solution that will help you reach your business goals.

We have built, commercialised and scaled a product of our own, which is a huge success. That’s when we thought, why not to share that experience with others and help tech enthusiasts build software products?

While our Habr history is a clean sheet, we are an established team of senior engineers, each with 7+ years of experience in software development.

Having experience in launching an IT start-up, we are aware of the common challenges a business can face with software development, which we can mitigate by choosing the right approach for the Client.

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