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О компании «Geomotiv»

Who We Are 

Geomotiv is an international software development company with a reputation in the US and European media industry. Since 2010, we’ve been providing our clients with comprehensive AdTech solutions and our people with solid tech experience in interesting spheres. Join our team of over 170 engineers and work on the top-tier projects with world-class organizations with us! Become part of our crew, grow with us, and develop your skills - we help you in it!

What We Do

We apply Agile methodologies to achieve success and address the requirements specific to each project. Our team promotes transparency and ease of communication. We know the AdTech industry inside out and that’s why we managed to build our own trusted marketplace that is called Adoppler. Being well-experienced in MarTech and Big Data, we have a lot of related custom projects under our belt. Our key technologies include Python, Java, Node.JS, Go, JavaScript, Scala, AWS, Google Cloud, Spark, Kafka, and PHP. 

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