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О компании «Genesis Development»

Genesis Development is a company that operates in blockchain, a cutting-edge tech sphere.

We create blockchain-powered websites and applications with the custom design, business and marketing that provide the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies to millions of people at the same time and is already included in the TOP 20 companies in the world in terms of security. A quality product in a reasonable time is our main value. We are a reliable business partner to whom you can really trust your business. The company counts more than 25 specialists based in Vinnitsa that create the 5 years long customer experience.


We are aware of the latest trends in development, blockchain, digital marketing, and also develop own software solutions and products. Our experience allows us to stay ahead of the competitors with formulaic approaches. We think creatively, so we are trusted to innovate in product development.


We help clients at every stage of business development: from blockchain, website development, mobile application development and design services to to forming the project strategies and comprehensive online marketing and promotion services.


Since 2010, we have successfully created projects in the fields of IT, fintech, blockchain, real estate, tourism, automotive industry and others.

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