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О компании «GAT Soft»

Dynamic. Innovative. Outstanding.

GAT Soft is an IT company with a clear mission and a big vision.The company that stands in our roots, GAT Cutting, is one of the major market players in the area of sign-making in Armenia. Getting inspired by our achievements in the Armenian market, we strive to capture the sign-making market of the US and Canada by our two products: Square Signs and Front Signs.GAT Soft was founded in 2016 to be the moving force of the two products. This is where the most innovative ideas are born and developed to make a glaring difference in the whole industry.Sounds bold. But happens to be true.The projects of our products are featured on websites like Forbes, American Express, Tech Crunch, Fox News, and many more A-league publishers! During the past few years, we have worked with such corporate giants as Coca Cola, Hyundai, Davidoff, FedEx, LG, Annenberg, and other Fortune 500 powerhouses!But we don’t stop here. We always put higher goals and strive to achieve them overcoming each and every obstacle arising on our way.

Our Team

Strong individuals make a strong team. We know this in our own experience. Gathered towards a common goal, each member of the team is a dedicated professional. We meet all challenges with a big smile on our faces, contributing to the overall success of our company. Our team is the driver behind the wheel at the fast track of success.Our creative and fun team keeps expanding. Make sure to check the new vacancies announced regularly. You may be the next member of our growing family!

Our Mission

  • Revolutionize the market of sign making through our innovative and outstanding products.
  • Be the backbone of our products, Front Signs and Square Signs, providing full digital services from development and design to marketing and branding.

Our Vision

  • Develop and implement new and innovative products, improving the existing ones at the same time.
  • Maintain and strengthen the team spirit of GAT Soft, opening up professional growth opportunities for each member. Grow the team of self-organized professionals who aim high, see big, and help each other towards accomplishing common goals.
  • Set new market goals for our products capturing the US and Canada markets of sign making.

Our Products

  1. Front Signs is a full-cycle sign-making company located in Los Angeles, California.The company is an absolute industry leader in Los Angeles.Fronts Signs’ all digital activities are conducted here — at GAT Soft. Marketing, web development, design, and branding — we cover it all!For more information visit www.Frontsigns.com
  2. Square signs is a unique e-commerce platform that allows visitors to design their own signs, banners, magnets, and much more online and have them delivered to their doorstep in the minimum time possible!As a matter of fact, Square Signs is projected to revolutionize the entire industry. And this is not a far-fetched projection.As a result of over 15,000 man-hours of work of developers, designers, content writers, and marketers Square Signs is a one-of-a-kind, intuitive design tool.For more information visit www.squaresigns.com

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