О компании «FocusReactive»

FocusReactive — the first of its class IT consultancy from the creators of the biggest ReactJS conference worldwide. The mission of Focus Reactive is to provide strong expertise which is constantly proofed to the community.

We are looking for engineers who share our passion for open source, who is eager to speak at conferences or give workshops in addition to development routines. Not there yet? We can use our network, knowledge, and passion to make this happen and kick your career to the new level connecting you to the global development community.

What is there in Focus Reactive for you?

  • Team of senior engineers some of them are world known experts passionate about innovations
  • Challenging tasks to sharpen your skills
    FocusReactive invests into your personal brand by providing paid time for Open-Source projects, mentorship when doing community activities and a friendly environment to progress
  • Competitive financial compensation
  • Sick leave, paid holidays to have appropriate rest and maintain a healthy life/work balance

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