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О компании «Finblox»

Finblox is a venture-backed startup with remote teams based out of the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Russia, and Indonesia. Our core product is the app that allows users to easily buy and passively earn a yield on crypto-assets like Bitcoin, USDC, AVAX (more coming!), with no lock-ups & no deposit limits.

Our vision is to help bridge the gap between fiat and the crypto world, allowing billions of users to easily onboard, build long-term wealth, and ultimately secure their financial freedom.

Who are our investors?

Finblox is backed by the most reputable Venture Capital funds —  Sequoia Capital, MSA Capital, Venturra Discovery, Coinfund, Saison Capital, Ratio Ventures and First Check Ventures.  

Notable angels — Xinshu Dong (Partner at IOSG and previously Co-Founder of Zilliqa), Ron Hose (Founder of Coins.ph), James Simpson (Founder and CEO of mStable), Quentin Vanoekel (Co-Founder of Helicap), Binh Tran (Co-founder of Klout and Partner at Ascend Vietnam Ventures) and Eddie Thai (early investor in Axie Infinity and Partner at Ascend Vietnam Ventures).

Our first step to fulfill the vision: building the coolest crypto investment & savings app for users in over 180 countries


  • Teamwork
  • Absolute transparency
  • User obsession


Founders & Team 

  • Peter Hoang - Founder & CEO, hodler since 2017, previously Co-founded Gotrade (zero-commission stock trading platform, a Y Combinator company).
  • Dmitriy Paunin - Founder & CTO, previously Chief Technology Officer at Coin.ph (Southeast Asia's largest crypto exchange with over 16M users) and VPE at Lazada (https://lazada.com) (Southeast Asia's leading e-commerce platform).

    Our founding team members also hail from the top unicorns such as Grab and Gojek (Southeast Asia's leading superapps).


What's it like to work at Finblox? 

We are a passionate, young team and love a fast-paced, innovative, progressive, and collaborative culture. We embrace the challenge to solve the problems in creative ways to build the best crypto investment products people want.

Team Organisation 

Team spread across Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, US, Europe, Indonesia, Russia.


Working hours & Benefits 

  • Flexible if you’re remote
  • Health insurance (one of the best on the market with Global coverage)
  • Daily & Weekly all-hands meetings with Team via Google Meet.


Technology Stack  

- Cloud-Native solutions (Docker, Helm, and Kubernetes)

- PostgreSQL 12+

- Go, Laravel 8.x , OpenAPI 3.x (!we write tests and docs)

- Github + GithubActions

- Terraform for IaC

- AWS product (RDS, SQS, EKS, etc)

- Monitoring on Prometheus/Loki/Newrelic + PagerDuty

- Flutter for mobile (bloc architecture)

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