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О компании «Exinity»

In the fast-growing economies of the world, there’s a new generation of ambitious, upwardly mobile millennials eager to gain financial independence. Exinity’s mission is to help them achieve it, offering them risk-driven trading and investment solutions designed specifically to meet their needs: we’re using the latest technology and platforms, offering a new level of education and support, and delivering this service within a unique and contemporary user experience. Exinity aims to help a new generation become confident, empowered investors – and by doing so giving them the freedom to succeed.

We’re a new company, backed by over 20 years’ experience in providing leveraged trading to over 2 million customers worldwide through our global brands. With offices across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, we're a young and diverse team of some 35 nationalities. We’re launching this year in selected markets with a product offer covering investment and leveraged trading in equities, commodities, and currencies, introduced to customers through feature-rich mobile apps and a unique customer education framework.

We are looking for people who are passionate about making a strong contribution to Exinity Group’s growth to join our team. At Exinity, we believe in the freedom to succeed. It’s not just a promise we make to our clients and partners, but to our people too. We encourage our people to learn from each other, to exchange information and best practices in an open-minded environment, and to advance by building up their skills and responsibilities. We do this in order to create prosperity for our customers, our brands, and our people.

Why you will love working with us?

“Freedom to succeed” is our core belief. It’s not just a promise we make to our clients and partners, but to our people too. We want our people to LEAP and so in this role you will…

  • [Learn] (e.g. from each other/from new projects)
  • [Exchange] (e.g. information and best practices in an open-minded environment)
  • [Advance] (e.g. by developing skills and accepting greater responsibilities/ your career progression and diversification)
  • [Prosper] (e.g. by acquiring skills/ by nurturing a team of x people)

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