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О компании «E-Jobs Service s.r.o.»

We recruit high-potential individuals, convert them to world-class software engineers and place them with global companies looking to scale their dev capacity.

At E-Jobs Service s.r.o, we try to connect clients with programmers, whether for a specific time or task, as well as for long-term cooperation. Our goal is to create the ideal IT team that you will have at your disposal at any time. We help global startups scale their dev capacity with exceptional software engineers.

Put your project in our hands and we will find the right programmer exactly for you and your requirements. The experience of all programmers is verified by long-term cooperation. At E-Jobs Service s.r.o, we guarantee quality. In addition, we manage a wide range of technologies from both the frontend and the backend. So, it is not a problem for us to cover almost any project.

We focus on enquires from 10 manhours till the assembly of the entire development team. Our other favorite service is also consultation or supervision of project management.

Since 2014, we have screened 120,000 applicants and accepted only 0.2% of them who prove to be smart, self-driven and excited about improving the world with technology.

Our talent pool has technical expertise in stacks like Node, Java, iOS, Android, C#, Python, php, mysql, .net, andriod, ios, ruby, JavaScript, jquery, xml, ajax, etc.

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