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О компании «DevIT»

The DevIT company starts its history from 2013. It was a small company with a big dream and a great desire to make a meaningful contribution into IT industry. Since that time we have become strong, high-experienced and skilled professionals. On our account hundreds successful projects for clients from all over the world. Nevertheless, we don’t stop there and continue to learn and grow up.The company specializes in creating websites and mobile applications. Also we provide
e-commerce services, creating solutions that suits best to your needs.

In general, we have two main directions of work:

  • creating own products;
  • provision of outsourcing services.

For us programming is more than just a work. It’s our passion and the biggest hobby. We love what we do, thence, do our best to produce top quality and modern products. The main principles of work consist of respect to every client, regular innovations and improving professional skills. We want every incredible idea was embodied in a top quality product.Our team is young, positive, enthusiastic and creative. 

Relations are built on common interests and mutual respect. The company has all necessary conditions for comfortable work and professional development for both experienced and novice developers. We offer interesting projects, effective management, high-quality infrastructure, flexible work schedule, professional events, great corporate culture and friendly staff.

Our aim is to gather talented people and achieve common success in professional activity. We are always glad to welcome new teammates and sure, that you will feel comfortable with us.

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