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C.T.Co limited is a Europe-oriented IT solutions and services provider, based in Riga, Latvia (EU) with a track record of delivering enterprise solutions to top global clients for more than 15 years.

As one of the largest R&D companies in Latvia, C.T.Co established itself as a most advanced and reliable IT company in enterprise apps market space. It was selected as a strategic partner by Com Tec Co Group Int., an international technology group, rendering IT consulting services and innovative solutions to global enterprises and financial institutions. For more than 14 years of successful relationship with the Group, C.T.Co proved to be one of its most reliable R&D services providers.

The company is committed to maintaining high quality standards through a strong sum of out-of-the-box approach, seasoned teams passionate about innovation, over a decade of expertise in the domain, and challenging working environment.

C.T.Co is a leader in Agile application development, maintaining long-term trusted relationships with reputable European & international companies since 2000. The company has successfully delivered a continuum of mission-critical enterprise applications to top global organizations.

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