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О компании «Crypton Studio»

Crypton Studio is an IT company specializing in blockchain development.

Over 6 years on the global market, we have become the largest company in the custom blockchain development segment in Europe. Since then, we have done 100+ various projects for clients from 20 countries.

We undertake the entire process of project implementation: from business analytics and development to design and documenting.

In our team, there are 100+ employees, 72% of them are developers, 18% are managers, designers, and QA-engineers and 10% are the administration staff.

From our own experience, we have known how hard it is to find talented blockchain developers and it is much easier to train them.

Thus, we have founded Crypton Factory. We conduct internships at our company and train developers from partner companies (B2B).

This allows us not only to do outsourcing for clients’ projects but also to carry out professional outstaffing with an individual approach.

Crypton’s Studio key areas:


We will develop a user-friendly exchange, blockchain wallet, own cryptocurrency, and will do a great user interface.

Smart Contract 

We will automate and make transactions secure. Eliminate the need for middlemen, and related delays and fees.


We will help you turn to the modern financial system. Will up high-quality encryption, steaking and farming for your platform.


We will assemble a marketplace for NFT services and connect a decentralized payment provider. We will add features that match your project.


We are supporters of decentralization: a level playing field and business development, for system transparency and the development of new technologies. We need to provide the opportunity to implement great people!

Our values


We care about people who are focused on quality results. I see goals, I don't see obstacles. And if they are, then we will decide together :)


We value people who, in turn, appreciate the environment and relationships in the team. The pleasant vibe and nothing more! 


In our work, there are no geographical boundaries. We bring people together from all over the world. 


We offer professional literature and pay for supplementary courses for employees. Also, we have a full-time English teacher.

Career in Crypton Studio 

We are permanently developing, so we are always looking for talented developers, active HR, professional sales managers, and other employees. Maybe this description is about you? In that case, join us!

We offer:

― Official employment. Official salary. Flexible working hours. Salary range correlated with experience

— Interesting projects for customers from all over the world

— Individual development plan: an experienced mentor throughout the entire process; resources for staff development (appropriate equipment and software), professional library, participation in conferences)

― Comfortable setting for self-development without leaving the office.

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