О компании «Cognive»

Cognive is a data science and machine-intelligence software company focused on financial crime compliance. We enable Financial Institutions to take proactive approach in anticipating and combating crime while foreseeing emerging threats using unsupervised and supervised machine learning. 

Our ecosystem of solutions, powered by Active AI and Distributed Protocols, covers every step of the AML and Fraud Prevention continuum to provide our customers with consistency, speed, and agility necessary to outpace sophisticated criminal enterprises that employ evermore creative ways to avoid exposure. 

Dozens of global financial institutions rely on Cognive to exponentially enhance existing systems, foster collective intelligence within the FIU and meet regulatory requirements in a cost-efficient way.

  • 20 Most Promising Cognitive Technologies in 2019 by CIO Review;
  • Top 10 Financial Fraud Detection Solutions 2019 by Tech Outlook;
  • Top 10 Blockchain Solution Providers 2018 by Capital Markets CIO Outlook;
  • Plug and Play Fintech Batch 7 Resident 2018.

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