О компании «Clain»

Clain is an international company involved in design and development of blockchain analysis software for crypto compliance and investigation purposes. We believe cryptocurrencies will play a huge role in the future, and we care deeply about helping to improve transparency and endorse further adoption of cryptocurrencies as a legitimate means of value exchange. By creating an innovative and powerful platform, we strive to become the industry standard in crypto analysis solutions. 

Our platform gives unparalleled understanding of cryptocurrency capital flows. By using a combination of network science and machine learning to aggregate and interpret vast quantities of transactional data, we provide investigative services to participants of cryptocurrency ecosystem and provide meaningful insight on the network’s internals. We accumulate unique data on the thousands of services and millions of entities that make hundreds of thousands of transactions a day. 

Clain has assembled a team of top-notch and dedicated professionals with working experience in leading IT companies, who are ready to share their expertise.
The company is headquartered in Europe, we also have a commercial office in the United States. We provide an opportunity to relocate to the main development office in Cyprus.
For any member of our team, we try to flexibly do our best to create the most comfortable conditions for his work and life.

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