О компании «BPS International»

The BPS Group is a pioneer in integrated planning and management with BIM.  

Founded in 1992 as an IT company, today the BPS International Group is a planner, integrator and developer of BIM based technologies. It unites architects, engineers and IT specialists in a unique conglomerate.

The focus is on the creation of building information models (BIM) and the development of solutions for effective planning and operation of real estate such as 4D / 5D planning and IoT systems.

As the only specialist planner in Germany, BPS International, as a developer, investor and operator of its own commercial real estate of more than 100,000 m², can draw on extensive practical experience in the planning and operation of large real estate, which makes it possible to pass this knowledge on to customers.

Vision and values

Our vision

People and technology change the world – The BPS Group uses new technologies to efficiently integrate them into existing business processes.
Developing business values from ideas is not only our core business, but also the passion of our employees. Open to new approaches and agile development, BPS International brings a leadership position in Architecture & Design, Building Design, Facility Management, and Communications & Collaboration.

Our values

BIM is like a sailboat that can only be controlled by someone with sufficient practical experience and a good understanding of the methodology.

What is BIM

Building Information Modeling – Object-based planning and management process to create and manage digital building models or infrastructural objects that serve as prototypes for the buildings to be built. The BIModell unites information about form, structure, construction, material usage, systems, parts, components, tasks, processes etc.

The virtual model serves as a reference object and database over the entire object lifecycle:

Idea → Design → Construction → Maintenance → Development, Renovation and Demolition.

The real estate design of construction and maintenance transforms into an IT-based, vertically integrated, high-tech industry.

The BIM methodology is fundamentally different from traditional design processes. Plans are not drawn, but extracted from the previously virtually created digital twin.

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