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О компании «Beholder»

Many people are familiar with the stories of how famous models were scouted back in the days. Take Kate Moss being discovered as a 14-year-old smoking a cigarette in an airport, a 15-year-old Naomi Campbell walking through Covent Garden or a teenage Jourdan Dunn found while browsing in Primark. 

All were stopped and asked “Have you ever considered modeling?” and the rest is fashion history. Those models just happened to be in the right place at the right time. But in the days of social media, more and more models are being found online rather than scouting the streets. 

We created Beholder (beholder.ai) — a scouting platform powered by AI to make talent discovery easy. In an environment that is highly competitive to sign the next top model, we give agencies a considerable advantage that makes Talent discovery effortless and more rewarding. Our tech is based on social media monitoring, face recognition and an algorithm that makes model predictions. By using our software Agencies will be able to scale their scouting productivity at fraction of a trained scout cost. 

Two of the founders have been in the model management Industry for almost a decade and worked for Elite model management, where they noticed that talent scouts are still following the old ways of searching for New Faces. Our ambition is to become innovation drivers in the model management industry!

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