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О компании «Atomichronica»

We provide next-level solutions for businesses looking to jump the queue when it comes to bringing the future into their branding and marketing.

With our focus on new Augmented Reality technology, we build apps that are 100% tailored for clients needs and delivered on budget and on time, every time.

Atomichronica’s mission is to be at the cutting edge of where innovative technology meets everyday life. Through the use of Augmented Reality, we help people to see and experience the world with fresh eyes. Our motto is simple: bring the future into the now. Our solutions are designed to take businesses to the next level. Whatever the customer’s sector or field, be it advertising, education, services, etc. – we can create a unique Augmented Reality product that is right for them. It is this flexible, creative and boundary-pushing approach that helps distinguish us from our competitors. All this is only made possible through the commitment and outstanding skills of our fantastic team of expert Developers and QA Engineers.

Do you want to join us in changing the way people see the world? Apply today!

We are always on the lookout for committed professionals with fresh ideas to join our close-knit team. So, if you are a talented techie who is passionate about your work, send us your CV or information about your work and links to your projects, and soon you will enjoy:

  • Being a part of a vibrant team with a diverse skillset
  • Inspiring work on challenging projects
  • Competitive compensation package
  • Great company perks and bonuses

3 Reasons to Join Us:

  1. Innovation is our path to success: Augmented Reality is already shaping our future. By joining our team, you will be creating and directing this future.
  2. Flexibility is the Key Factor: We understand that sometimes personal obligations come first. We always try to meet the needs of our team, giving the choices and working arrangements that will help them to achieve the best results.
  3. Remarkable Place To Start a Career: We are a young, determined software development company that strives for perfection in every project, which means that every day brings fresh challenges and new opportunities for growth.

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