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Arbuz Tech - vertically integrated online grocery player operating from 30,000 SF fulfillment centers. Our mission is to make Whole Foods level quality affordable to more families in mid-size cities. Big focus on produce and "farmer's market delivered" concept. The company was started in Kazakhstan in 2018 and in 4 years grew to 2000 daily orders and 600+ employees. In 2021 we decided to expand internationally and picked Denver as our next location. We've built a team of 50+ in Denver (ex-Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Amazon, Boxed, etc.), built a grocery fulfillment center and launching in April 2022. The big vision is to launch in 30+ mid-size in the US in the next 4-5 years.

Founder & CEO is Alexey Lee, #50 in the Forbes list of most influential businessmen in KZ in 2020. Before that, he started and sold 2 companies which became market leaders: 1) Ticketon.kz (#1 movie/event/concert tickets site in Kazakhstan); 2) Aviata.kz (#1 in airplane/railway tickets in KZ).

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