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О компании «Anytype»

We are a team of enthusiasts who are building a future where thoughts stay private, data belongs to users and software functions much like our brains.

We set out as a web3 tool to manage knowledge. It aids in connecting your ideas, files, documents and people in your life into a unique knowledge graph that you truly own - data is stored on your device and can be accessed without the internet, while syncing with your other gadgets in a p2p way.

Currently, thousands of people are using Anytype to organize their thoughts, life, work and interests. We are supported by a passionate community - 50.000 people await our beta as of now.

This year we will add the ability to create communities, publish objects, and collaborate with others. Then we will open our ecosystem to independent contributors who’ll provide many more use-cases. Anytype is committed to open source.

Times like today are the very reason we are building the tools to empower human collaboration. It’s why basic rights such as privacy, the freedom to connect and share information with those you trust, independent of big tech or nation states, are intrinsic elements of the software we create.

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