О компании

AmazingHiring is a web application for technical talents acquisition. It automatically searches for the right candidates across 50+ sources. AI-based technology helps to save time on candidate pre-screening.

The app also covers “passive candidates”– those who don’t post resumes on the job boards. Thanks to AmazingHiring, recruiters do not need specific knowledge to source technical specialists – just set the initial parameters to get the best match!

Our Story

AmazingHiring was founded by a professional IT-recruiter Sergey Dmitrichenko in 2011 with the great mission to revolutionize the recruiting practice worldwide with the cutting-edge technology. AmazingHiring R&D team has profound expertise in developing search engines and recommendation systems — amassing senior scientific and engineering talents from leading companies in the field.

We constantly grow and improve our service to deliver targeted and exhaustive search of technical talents.

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