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О компании «AGILOFT»

Agiloft is a Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area's based SaaS company.
The core product is a cloud hosted CRM platform designed to give needed control and agility to handle complex business task and processes.

Company have a strong and deeply referenceable customer base ranging from Fortune 100 companies like CHEVRON, NASA, NECK to start-ups. The suite of products include Contract Management, Customer Support, Workflow, ITIL and Asset Management.


With offices are in a gorgeous location right on the bay near the core of Silicon Valley. and unlike desperate young start-ups, we do not expect staff to work crazy hours - we believe that in the long term, it is optimum for everyone if employees maintain a healthy work/life balance with a 40 hour work week.

The breakthrough we made at Agiloft is that the software can be configured to meet all these different needs without writing a line of code. Everything is done through a wizard-based customization interface using a standard browser. The market reaction has been very strong.

Most of our employees work remotely and in our Redwood City office (SF bay, California)

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