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О компании «Adsology Media Group»

Our company is a subsidiary of a world leader in Software distribution headed by Adsology Media Group. We develop software distribution systems with technology that utilizes proprietary algorithms to match the best product to the user and optimizes the results, serving more than 200 partners that use our monetization solutions through our platform and over 200 million end users every year.

We are one of the fastest growing software distributing vendors worldwide, made of sublime alloy of intelligence, strength and willpower. From early start, we have been continuously raising the bar to set new standards in fast-paced environment. Thanks to our first-class products and state of the art technologies, the company rapidly expanded into a worldwide leader. Our products are sold in some of the biggest markets in the world — USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

If you are one of those enthusiastic developers who live to make an impact on the future of technology through innovative ideas and actionable goals and want to be part of our strong team — please contact us or send your CV to HR department via e-mail hr@adsology.com 

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