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О компании

Access Softek has been located in Berkeley, California, at the gateway to Silicon Valley, since 1986. Today we have offices in Berkeley, New York City, and Chicago, with Vancouver on the horizon.

We’re privately owned by founder and CEO Chris Doner. We’ve never needed venture capital and we like it that way. Being self-sufficient means we can focus on long-term decisions that benefit our customers instead of quarterly shareholder returns.

We started out as a custom development shop with a focus on financial software solutions, so we have decades of experience bringing the right custom solution to each client. We’ve collaborated with dozens of technology partners from Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Sony to financial services giants like Intuit, H&R Block, and Fiserv.

As we turned primarily to fintech, we harnessed our dedication to innovation. We were mobile-first when most people were still learning how to text on their flip-phones. Since then we’ve helped our customers be first-to-market with dozens of new features like real-time deposits, P2P transfers, mobile lending, and online biometrics. Today, we offer an enterprise suite of cutting-edge software representing the Four Pillars of financial services: mobile banking, online banking, lending, and account opening.

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