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О компании «Memcrab»

Memcrab is one of the leading IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine. Professional team and 10+ years of development experience guarantee the highest quality of solutions that we deliver to our partners from the USA, Singapore, Sweden, Canada, and, of course, Ukraine.

Our company isn’t just about development services. We take an active part in the mentoring program at 1991 Open Data Incubator and comprehensively assist in the growth of Ukrainian IT infrastructure.

We care about the health of our employees. One of the awards of ours is ‘Bike-friendly Employer of 2019, Vinnytsia’. We are very bike-involved and encourage our specialists to switch to bicycles too, along with creating the proper conditions for it.

Things that important to us and are considered the keys to our success:


We care about our clients and the results they receive, always trying to do our best to help them achieve bigger goals and broader audiences.

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Фото офиса компании «Memcrab»Фото офиса компании «Memcrab»Фото офиса компании «Memcrab»Фото офиса компании «Memcrab»