О компании «1PT»

1PT Group is an expert software supplier to the gaming, interactive education, sports-betting, and lottery industries founded in 2013. We consist of software development and consultancy firms, including 1PT OÜ (Estonia) and One Point Ltd (Belarus).

Our approach is expressed in our Vision: to deliver business, team and personal growth through seamless integration with our partners. We integrate our teams, processes and experience with your business, making us both stronger together.

Our success is built on delivering quality consistently and challenging ourselves every day to be better. We focus on identifying, nurturing and delivering talent to help you take your business to the next level.

Our values People, Expertise, Commitment.

Our services include:

* Application Development
* Quality Assurance
* Slot Games Development (Selection of own tools enables us to deliver quality fast!)
* 24/7 Support
* Expert Technology Consultations

    Our employees enjoy our international boutique firm environment, as well as job security and stability due to all of the company’s contacts being long-term and with key industry players.

    Want to know more about us? Reach out at enquiry@1pt.com, and let's talk!

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