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О компании

SPENT is an USA-based company with development offices in Oulu, Finland and Moscow, Russia


SPENT takes the headaches and time out of managing both your personal and business expenses. Swipe an expense right to mark it as a business expense and left for a personal transaction. Simply put, doing your expenses with SPENT will take you minutes, no more reports and you’ll earn cash back on purchases through SPENT partners!

We currently partner with 900k hotels, all major airlines, the biggest car-rental companies along with thousands of restaurants across the U.S to offer our users up to 45% cash back!

Our easy-to-use platform helps you track spending with making expenses swipeable. Swiping an expense right marks it as a business expense and left is personal. Once an expense is swiped right, and added to a folder your approver will be notified and you’ll get reimbursed. It’s that simple. Managing your expenses is a must, so why not get rewarded for it?


Enable access to all your own purchase data, organizing automatically business and personal spending using latest technologies — with savings through retail.

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