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О компании «Pay.com»

Pay is a FinTech startup that simplifies the way to accept and make payments anywhere around the globe, reliable and secure for the e-commerce industry. Our deep understanding of payment processing allows us to create solutions for online businesses of every size from new startups to Fortune 500.

Our founders recently sold their previous FinTech startup for $ 900 million.

Focused on online payments and the digital economy, here at Pay, we are able to allocate all our resources to create the simplest and fastest solution in the market. Our few clicks integration allows you to connect and use our platform within minutes, without any developers needed.

We enable to collect managed payments for e-commerce, merchants, and SaaS.

We are operating globally and provide acquiring payments according to your local policies.

Our technology stack is the hottest stack in the market. We are using Cloud Native and High-performance solutions in order to empire the business goals.

Our aim to help online business owners accelerate growth and make an easy entrance into the future of payment services in a matter of minutes not weeks.

As a start-up, we have no bureaucracy and build our product in an open-minded agile environment.

Our business challenges are clear, we need as many different voices as possible to join us in solving them - voices like yours. So no matter where you’re from, who you love, or what you believe in, we welcome you to be your true self at Pay.

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