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AI digital health tracking technology, adds +20 active years. Coding started saving lives

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

3 years ago, we founded a biotech company in the USA. We are creating an AI technology for online early diagnosis of fatal diseases, which can extend an active life by 20 years, slow & reverse aging. The technology is based on Big Data collected over 70 years by the G-20 countries.

At various times, the company was advised by leading scientists, incl. Alexey Moskalev (Russia) and the Principal of the Harvard Medical School Vadim Gladyshev (USA).

The first data set was provided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from the USA (MIT) - 60,000 depersonalized profiles.

Briefly about the company:

2 American patents, 1 PCT patent application (141 countries), 2 accelerators (online in the USA, offline in Finland), 4 prizes for the development of an Android application, and participated in 3 Miami500 boot camps (500 StartUps program).

In one month, we received more than 7000 mobile app downloads (the average cost was 10 cents per download). In total, 3 mobile applications have been developed, including a mobile online coronavirus checker.

We are looking for candidates to participate in backend, data science & computer vision. This is our stack:

Python 3.8/3.9, Django, Scikit-learn,  Pandas, Numpy, PyTorch,  Scrapy, Bs4, XgBoost, LightGbm, HyperOpt, Catboost

Both, full time and part time are offered, depending on your capabilities. Remote work, from 10 hours a week. Your compensation offer would be based after fulfillment of a test tasks and will involve sweat for equity model.

A separate vertical is working on the development of the first Longevity Scientific Resort, planned to open next year in the Maldives. The company won the corresponding competition and special treatment programs could be offered to our team mates.

On July 1, the company launched a cryptocurrency LongevityCoin (LONG), which is provided with its own anti-aging developments. Funds from the sale of tokens will support the development of products and basic research to combat early death.

The company has a 40 members team from 12 countries, communication is in English, a good chance to improve your English skills. For team members who have worked for more than a year, it is possible to be included in the US visa program.

Among the additional advantages-it is possible to use the company's achievements to improve your own health and the health of your family.

The company has not yet started generating revenue, but the paid version of the application.

The company has initiated an international humanitarian program to attract the attention of the world's states to the problems of longevity, the link to in the company's profile. Please e-vote for this initiative, if you think that saving people's lives are important.

If you feel that you match with our vision of what we do, feel free to apply to this vacancy.


LongevityCoin (LONG) tokens could be offered as part of the offering

Дополнительные инструкции

Our experience showed that software developers & other teammates should understand the market they work on, so this test task can show your vision and how it can interact with the product you will participate in the development. Besides this will show, how you can work in the team, cherishing what other mates do:

1. Please have a look at our mobile apps

Google Play: BMI Disease Tracker

App Store: AntiObesity

Google Play is more updated. If you have an iOS phone you can run the simulator thru Bluestack software (you can download it on your PC thru Google search).

2. Please explore our app (both iOS & Android), register in it to understand how it works.

3. Afterwards rate our app (in App store & Google Play) and make truthful commentaries on the mobile store comment page (if possible ask your friends to do the same to get more real opinions on what we do good & bad).

4. Compare your comments with what was done recently and now is in the testing mode:

5. Afterwards send your detailed answer (WITH BUGS SCREENS IF ANY, which weren’t resolved in the DropBox file)  to our recruiter, what is good and what is bad in the app, and what should be done to make it more understandable for the audience.

5. Afterwards, what social media message would you recommend to post, if you know that the app is not perfect yet but still we need to attract users?

6. For data science please choose tasks from here, please do as many as you can: