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Tech Lead DevOps Engineer


от 6000 до 8000 $

Местоположение и тип занятости

Киев (Украина)Полный рабочий день


Компания Atto Trading Technologies LLC специализируется на разработке автоматических торговых систем (HFT).

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

Our company has been engaged in HFT (high-frequency trading) since 2010, on its own infrastructure.

We are developing high-speed trading systems that make decisions in nanoseconds. The trading platform is used by our Company's Quantitative traders, for their own trading. We do not provide third parties access to the infrastructure.

What we do:

We trade stocks, options, futures on American exchanges such as: NASDAQ, NYSE, ARCA, BATS, EDGE, CME, CFE etc.

Unique feature of the Company:

We process huge data sets and adhere to rigid requirements to the equipment.

We use advanced technologies and the latest developments of leading companies in the field of server solutions, specialized technologies from the largest manufacturers of network equipment and storage devices.

We work with equipment from the following companies: Dell, Gnodal, Arista, Cisco, Intel, Broadcom, SuperMicro, Solarflare.

Our infrastructure is in the data centers of the largest exchanges of algorithmic trading in the USA (NASDAQ, NYSE, ARCA, BATS, EDGE, CME, CFE).

We interact with the largest financial providers to obtain analytical data in real time (Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, Google Finance).

Advantages of our Company:

  • no external clients, we are the only users of the products we create
  • working with a corporate account on AWS
  • building servers with the latest and most advanced hardware
  • ability to use creativity in choosing the hardware and software for the work you do
  • use of multiple virtualization technologies

We're looking for Tech Lead DevOps Engineer/Lead Infrastructure

Reports to: CTO

Our DevOps Team:   1 Middle DevOps Engineer, 1 Senior DevOps Engineer


  • at least 5 years’ experience in unix systems
  • at least 3 years’ experience administering DevOps related tools
  • at least 2 years management experience
  • deploying applications in Amazon AWS, Google or Azure
  • configuring automatic deployment management systems (Ansible)
  • practical experience with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Gitlab CI etc.
  • experience with Docker or other container-based technologies
  • experience with SQL/NoSQL technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Clickhouse etc
  • experience with Nagios, Grafana, Prometheus
  • knowledge of network technologies (TCP/IP, Ethernet, NAT, Routing, ACL)
  • knowledge of scripting languages ​​(Python, Bash)
  • experience with virtualization systems (Proxmox, VMware)
  • mastery of data and infrastructure architecture
  • knowledge of industry wide technology trends and best practices
  • expertise in collaborative teams to achieve organizational goals, and passionate about building an innovative culture
  • a strong understanding of security best practices
  • experience of large-scale systems and providing scalability enhancements

Will be a plus experience in:

  • understanding and interest of the principles of functioning of stock markets
  • experience in financial field


  • lead and manage the team of 2+ DevOps Engineers (people development, team members mentorship)
  • lead data flow automation and optimization initiatives
  • lead Database environment optimization efforts (Databases, Python API Viewers etc)
  • CI/CD workflow automation and optimization
  • selection of new Hardware/Software
  • build and maintain highly available scaling systems
  • root cause analysis for all production outages
  • security improvements
  • maintaining structured knowledge base
  • manage and provide support to the infrastructure team, clearing any roadblocks
  • provide clear focus and direction for the team
  • design and build new infrastructure to meet the needs of the business.
  • stay up to date on emerging technologies.
  • maintaining structured knowledge base
  • brainstorm for new ideas and ways to improvement development delivery

Expected results:

  • planning and implementing major infrastructure updates (such as migration production environment to new hardware and OS, DB design, etc)
  • optimising work process of DevOps team
  • guidelines for DevOps personnel


  • the opportunity to develop every day professional competencies and gain a unique experience
  • competitive compensation and discretionary bonus (focused on business results)
  • interesting and complex tasks
  • corporate training
  • orthopedic workplace with flexible table height
  • medical insurance category B + with advanced services
  • paid vacation and sick leave
  • free beverages, snacks and lunch (daily) etc.
  • friendly atmosphere
  • flexible work schedule (40-hour work week)
  • the convenient location of the office (Kyiv, metro Pecherska)